What type of work does The Forker Company do?

The Forker Company is unique in that we are business and personal planning specialists. We provide insurance for individuals and their families and/or businesses. See our Products page for a detailed list of our products and services. We are not a multi-line agency, and do not provide any types of property and casualty insurance (i.e. auto or homeowner’s).


How do you work with clients?

The Forker Company believes in personal contact. When possible, we meet with clients face-to-face to help explain their options. We also make it a practice to stay in touch and keep up with our clients’ changing needs.


Is there a fee to work with The Forker Company?

No. The companies we represent compensate us based on the products and services we provide. These companies pay the same compensation to all brokers, making it an “even playing field” when it comes to choosing a broker.


Is there a particular territory or area that The Forker Company serves?

Because health insurance companies and networks vary from state to state, The Forker Company offers health insurance products only in the state of Ohio. We do provide individual life, disability income, and long term care products to clients nationwide.


How do I know if my doctor is “in the network?”

Health insurance companies’ networks change frequently. The most up-to-date information can be found on the insurance company’s website. The best way to find out is to go to our Links page, find your company and go to their site. From there, you can search for your provider.


How do I get insurance quotes from The Forker Company?

You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways. You can fill out your information on our Contact page, and a representative from The Forker Company will contact you. You can also call us at (740) 452-4598 and begin the process that way.